CNS has traditionally emphasized the social development of its children. Our curriculum uses a variety of individual and group activities designed to develop the particular strength, skills or emerging “intelligences” inherent in each child.   Our curriculum is based on Howard Gardner’s theory  of multiple intelligences.

  • Bodily-Kinesthetic (crawling, running, climbing, throwing, dancing, learning textures, etc.)
  • Visual-Spatial (looking at books & photos, finger & easel painting, coloring, puppet play, sand & water play, etc.)
  • Verbal-Linguistic (recognizing letters, singing, reading, ABC blocks, dressing up, listening to music, etc.)
  • Logical-Mathematical (sorting, puzzles, stacking, building, learning numbers & shapes, etc.)
  • Musical-Rhythmical (singing, dancing, playing instruments, rhythms, listening to music, etc.)
  • Interpersonal (sharing, playing with others, taking turns, helping others, learning about emotions/empathy, etc.)
  • Intrapersonal (spending time alone, learning independence, trying new things, expressing emotions, etc.)

All programs tailor the curriculum to be age appropriate. Teachers and the director meet regularly to review and adapt lesson plans, and to develop a wide variety of individual and group activities that address the growth of the whole child. All classes incorporate art, cooking, gardening, sign language, music and dance & movement in their curriculum.

Parents are also an important part of the educational experience and are invited to add to the learning process in the classroom and at home.

For more detailed information on our curriculum please contact the Director.