Welcome to Chenango Nursery School

Welcome to Chenango Nursery School. Research has shown how important early childhood education is to the development of the young child.  CNS, established in 1948, is focused on providing high quality early childhood education. We believe that all of our programs make a difference in the development of our children.

Children need to develop thinking skills to be able to compete and thrive in society.  CNS believes these analytical skills are best developed through child-centered learning and the development of strong social skills.  Through play our children are encouraged to become active problem solvers. They are able to work well with others.  They form strong friendships. They understand the strengths and limitations of others. They learn about themselves.  Research tells us that emotional intelligence is a strong indicator of success. That it goes a long way in helping to solve life’s dilemmas.  Social skills enable us to be analytical when needed because we have learned to share, problem solve and cooperate with others.

Chenango Nursery School’s strength comes from an over 60 year commitment to children in the Hamilton area. We are proud of our dedicated, loving and long standing staff. Most of who have been with us for over 8 years and some for as many as 25! We are happy to remain a parent cooperative where parents are truly able to be involved.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We hope you will take the time to visit us and understand what makes us special.